Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is biosafety?

Biosafety refers to policies and procedures adopted to avoid risk to human health and safety and to the conservation of the environment as a result of the use of GMOs for research and trade.

2. What is a gene?

A gene is the physical and functional unit of heredity of transmitted from generation to generation during sexual and asexual reproduction.

3. What is the structure of a gene?

A gene is a linear segment of a DNA that is made up of nucleotide basis in an ordered sequence that specifies the structure of a protein or has a defined function.

4. What is genetic engineering?

The genetic engineering is a set of laboratory techniques for isolating genes from organisms, cutting and rejoining it to make new combinations, multiplying copies of the recombined genetic material and transferring it into organisms. It is also called recombinant DNA technology because it recombines genes within an organism as well as those from other organisms.

5. What is genetic modification?

The genetic modification involves modifying an organism genetic makes up by the introduction of a gene or genes into its cells in a way that follows the transfer of the genes to successive generation.

6. What is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?

GMO is the broad term used to identify organisms in which the genetic material has been altered by use of molecular techniques, which does not occur naturally. It also known as genetically engineered organisms or transgenic organisms.

7. What is a GM product?

A GM product is a preparation which may contain a GMO or a combination of a GMO or products derived from GMOs.

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